4th Annual Prelude to the Rodney Cook Classic

By Ace Speedway (other events)

Friday, August 20 2021 6:00 PM 11:00 PM EST

Late Models from all over the southeastern United States converge on the Famous 4/10ths mile to compete to have their name listed among the LMSC Elite that call themselves a Rodney Cook Classic Champion, BUT FIRST, they must make it through the Prelude to The Rodney Cook Classic.

Rodney Cook was as tough as they come.  When he showed up at Ace Speedway, drivers knew he was one to be reckoned with.  Week in and week out Rodney Cook competed with the best that Late Model Stock had to offer and showed everyone why he was a champion. 

To this day, when you hear the name Rodney Cook, you think of the good times, the hard fought battles, the dances on the backstretch with Barry Beggarly, the run-ins with Dustin Rumley, the side-by-side battles with Robert Turner and the awesome interviews that you knew were coming after he would take the checkered flag.

On August 20th, we remember Rodney!  The racer that gave us all so much and didn't ask for anything in return.

Dont miss out on the next chapter of the history that is the 8th Annual Rodney Cook Classic THIS October 23rd, 2021.

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